Fifty Years of Mentoring — Discover

“These days, there are two main populations I end up mentoring: CEOs, and kids. At some level, they’re totally different. But at some level, they’re surprisingly similar.” On his personal blog, Stephen Wolfram reflects on his role as a mentor to people of all ages. via Fifty Years of Mentoring — Discover

“E-cigarette safety: The facts explained 2019” Extremely important that everyone is educated on exactly what is causing the harm so the media cannot mislead and misguide our loved ones. Transparency and facts provide not just the vaping community but the public with the information to make an informed vaping decision. No matter what you choose to vape, be it e-liquid … Continue reading “E-cigarette safety: The facts explained 2019”

The Law Of Vaping, 2019 “Hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers were able to quit smoking with some of these products. We are about to close off their access to these products that keep them from smoking cigarettes.” One, the prodects wound be flavored e-juice will not be sold. No, E-liquid, giftcards that can purchase eliquid or coupons for … Continue reading The Law Of Vaping, 2019