Our Journey Starts

Every person has a bad habits it does matter if you are a heavy or light smoker. Light smoking isn’t as bad as heavy smoking, but it still harms the heart and body. If you quit smoking completely your health will benefit. Quitting smoking completely is the best action for your help you condition your health and public health campaigns have been reduced the number of adults in quitting smokeing.

Are you a smoker?” or “Do you smoke?” Do you have a bad habit, they often answer “why” Why did I start?

All of that condition is called. Stress / Worrys / or just want to be (fit in) that’s no way to start smoking. Most people who try to quit smoking experience a sense of anxiety.

This is all normal Anxiety of Quitting Smoking:

The brain is activated and causes anxiety when one stops smoking. The brain cell receive inputs from two brain regions. The first area of the brain is commonly associated with the effects of fulfillment follow after taking drugs. The second area of the brain, however, is associated with the release of glutamate (“glutamate.” https://www.synonyms.com/synonym/glutamate) for main excitatory neurotransmitter in the brain. This research is paired with Current Biology. The study concluded that Symptoms of nicotine withdrawals (headaches, nausea and insomnia) where all associated with brain function. All this is normal on quitting smoking anxiety.

…. and I “myself” have a bad habit aswell but that’s a long store and we get the time in having the opportunity to help me succeed and help other in quitting smoking and lessening to their side of there store on how they have succeeded by you following us will help us succeed.

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